John Tyndall Award

The John Tyndall Award is presented annually to a single individual who has made outstanding contributions in any area of optical-fiber technology, including optical fibers themselves, the optical components used in fiber systems, as well as transmission systems and networks using fibers. The contributions which the award recognizes should have met the test of time and should have been of proven benefit to science, technology, or society. The contributions may be experimental or theoretical.  Established in 1987, this award is jointly sponsored by the IEEE Photonics Society and the The Optical Society (OSA). Nominees need not be members of the sponsoring societies. The Award is endowed by Corning Inc. and consists of a specially commissioned Steuben crystal sculpture, a scroll, and an honorarium. The presentation is made the following year at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC).

 2017 Honoree

Photo E.M.DianovE. M. Dianov

For pioneering leadership in optical fiber development and outstanding contributions to nonlinear fiber optics and optical 
fiber amplifiers.




Professor Evgeny M. Dianov is Scientific Director of the Fiber Optics Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He graduated from Moscow State University in 1960 and began his scientific career in the P.N.Lebedev Physics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1960-1983), then worked in the General Physics Institute (1983-2006) and in the Fiber Optics Research Center of RAS (2006- present). His research interests include laser physics, nonlinear optics and fiber optics and he has published more than 700 scientific papers and patents. He received the State Prize of the Soviet Union for “Neodymium Glass Lasers” in 1974. In 1994 Prof. Dianov became a Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

Since 1974 he has been involved with most aspects of fiber optics, including fiber technologies, fiber measurements, nonlinear fiber optics, fiber lasers and optical amplifiers. Main results included new types of optical fibers such as high-strength hermetically metal-coated, dispersion-decreasing, nitrogen-doped and low-loss highly nonlinear fibers; new results in nonlinear fiber optics such as the first observation of soliton self-frequency shift, the discovery of electrostriction mechanism of soliton interaction, generation of a train of fundamental solitons at high repetition rate, the proposal and experimental confirmation of a photovoltaic  model of second-harmonic generation in glass fibers; the development of highly efficient Raman fiber lasers and optical amplifiers.

Dianov received the State Prize of the Russian Federation for infrared fibers in 1998 and Vavilov Gold Medal for studies of nonlinear processes in optical fibers and the development of fiber sources of radiation in visible and near IR spectral ranges based on nonlinear phenomena. 



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