Technical Program

We are pleased to welcome a great line-up of invited speakers focusing on the newest developments in the field: 

Larry Dalton, University of Washington, USA

Abhay Joshi, Discovery Semiconductors, Inc., USA

Paul Juodawlkis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Michael Liehr, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, USA

Ron Logan, Glenair International, USA

Milan Mashanovitch, Freedom Photonics, USA

David Miller, Stanford University, USA

Stephen Ralph, Georgia Tech, USA

Daniel Renner, Freedom Photonics, USA

Ross Schermer, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Vince Stenger, SRICO, Inc., USA

Joe Sulzer, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Vince Urick, DARPA STO, USA

Andrew Weiner, Purdue University, USA

Ben Yang, Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA

Ben Yoo, University of California-Davis, USA



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Conference Contact

Megan Figueroa
Event Planner
Phone +1 732 562 3895