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Group IV Photonics Conference 2017 Exhibitors:

Information Gatekeepers, Inc.

Information Gatekeepers, Inc. is a publisher, trade show organizer, consultancy and information service provider in the fields of fiber optics, high-speed Internet, wireless, and emerging telecom markets.  For more information, visit www.igigroup.com

Nanosystec Corp.

Nanosystec offers complete solutions for development and manufacturing of optical interconnects applying active or passive alignment . Joining technologies are epoxy gluing and precision laser welding. All system are designed for highest flexibility and productivity. Optospin a new alignment tool works with the speed of passive placement and the precision of active alignment. Alignment times are cut by factor of  10. Supporting the high productivity of the stations is the capability of automated loading/unloading and the seamless integration in production lines. More information, visit www.nanosystec.com

PhoeniX Software

Pioneering photonics design automation since 1991, today Phoenix has a global presence and is a trusted, well recognized partner for numerous organizations. We enable easy and cost-effective realization of integrated photonics chips and systems, by using our internally developed superior products and services.  More information, visit www.phoenixbv.com

VPIphotonics GmbH

VPIphotonics™ sets the industry standard for end-to-end photonic design automation comprising design, analysis and optimization of components, systems and networks.  We provide professional simulation software supporting requirements of active/passive integrated photonics and fiber optics applications, optical transmission system and network applications, as well as cost-optimized equipment configuration.  For more information, visit www.vpiphotonics.com



Silicon Photonics Workshop: 22 August

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