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Optical Interconnects Conference 2017 Exhibitors: Canyon Ballroom

Information Gatekeepers, Inc.

Information Gatekeepers, Inc. is a publisher, trade show organizer, consultancy and information service provider in the fields of fiber optics, high-speed Internet, wireless, and emerging telecom markets.  For more information, visit www.igigroup.com

nanoPrecision Products Inc.

nanoPrecision Products is the world leader in complex material forming with revolutionary 3D stamping processes that deliver nanometer accuracies and tolerances.  The company has pioneered a breakthrough nanoBench™ product platform and has recently introduced two new interconnect systems respectively for single fiber (SC Ferrolder®) and 12 fiber (SC FootballFerrule®). For more information, visit www.nanoprecision.com

Nanosystec Corp.

Nanosystec offers complete solutions for development and manufacturing of optical interconnects applying active or passive alignment. Joining technologies are epoxy gluing and precision laser welding. All systems are designed for highest flexibility and productivity. Optospin a new alignment tool works with the speed of passive placement and the precision of active alignment. Alignment times are cut by factor of 10. Supporting the high productivity of the stations is the capability of automated loading/unloading and the seamless integration in production lines. For more information, visit www.nanosystec.com

OptoTest Corporation

Fiber optics innovator, OptoTest has been providing comprehensive and tailored test solutions to the component manufacturing market since 2002. Now the leader in MTP/ribbon fiber and multichannel harsh environment testing, OptoTest continues to expand its customer base with a growing number of custom-made fiber optic test equipment in its pipeline. For more information, visit www.optotest.com


ISO-9001-Certified, Global Leader in Precision Motion Solutions.  Piezo Mechanisms, Air Bearings, Hexapods, Photonics Alignment, Nanopositioning, Micropositioning, Piezo Positioning Systems, Linear Motors & Rotary Stages for OEM & Research.  Products: Nanopositioning Systems; 6-Axis Hexapod Alignment Systems, Microscopy Stages; Lens Positioning; Tip/Tilt Mirrors; Piezo Transducers, Piezo Actuators; Piezo Motors; Piezo Drivers & Digital Motion Controllers; Voice Coil Actuators, MicroMotion Robots.  For more information, visit www.pi-usa.us


Samtec is a manufacturer of high speed interconnect products that will enable a transmission line from silicon to silicon at the highest data rates in the industry today.  We will be showing our High Temp Firefly Mid-Board optical modules, as well as our PCIe Active Optical cables and connectors. For more information, visit www.samtec.com

Santec USA Corporation

Santec's all-new 7th generation of high performance tunable laser, the TSL-770, delivers upgrades in speed, accuracy and range. With 200nm/s sweep speeds, 0.3pm (typ.) wavelength accuracy, and available 200nm-wide wavelength range facilitates photonic investigations in the most cutting-edge of research applications. Come visit our booth to demo the TSL-770. For more information, visit www.santec.com


Synopsys’ RSoft products are leading solutions in photonic design software and serve several industries including optical communications, optoelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing.  RSoft products provide a full range of design, optimization and planning tools for optical communications, as well as solutions for optoelectronics components and subsystems.  For more information, visit http://optics.synopsys.com/rsoft

VPIphotonics, Inc

VPIphotonics provides flexible simulation software and design services supporting requirements of active/passive integrated photonics, doped-fiber applications, optical system and network applications, and cost-optimized equipment configuration. Join us for live demos on modeling transmission systems with 4D modulation formats, complex integrated devices in Silicon Photonics and InP, and pulsed or high-power doped-fiber applications. For more information, visit www.vpiphotonnics.com



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