Engineering Achievement Award Winners

YearAward WinnerCitation
2021 José Capmany For pioneering and sustained contributions to integrated microwave and programmable photonics including the invention of Field Programmable Photonic Gate Arrays.
2020 George C. Papen For contributions to optical systems, especially optical switching in data center networks.
Holger Schmidt
Aaron Hawkins
For the invention and development of optofluidics waveguides and their applications, in particular, commercialization for biomedical diagnostics.
2018 Dalma Novak For the creation and development of breakthrough technologies for the microwave photonics field, in particular for fiber-radio communication systems.
2017 David V. Plant For pioneering contributions to optical communications technologies spanning multiple length scales including DSP algorithms for direct detection and coherent systems.
2016 Keren Bergman For pioneering contributions to optical interconnection networks and photonic-enabled architectures that advance communicaitons and computing systems.
2015 Chennupati Jagadish For pioneering and sustained contributions to compound semiconductor quantum well, quantum dot and nanowire optoelectronic devices and their integration.
2014 Yong-Hee Lee
For pioneering research on the photonic crystal nanolaser and the proton-implant vertical cavity surface emitting laser.
2013 Polina Bayvel For seminal advances in optical networks, including efficient wavelength routing architectures and electronic DSP algorithms to mitigate degrading effects.
Gregory Belenky
Jerry Meyer
Igor Vurgaftman
For exceptional contributions to the technology of mid-wave GaSb-based infrared lasers.
2011 Alan Willner For technical advances in optical fiber communications technologies that have enabled significant improvements in the performance and reliability of wavelength-division-multiplexed systems.
2010 Wood-Hi Cheng For design, development and commercialization compact solid-state laser modules.
2009 Jose A. R. Salcedo
In recognition of outstanding technical and leadership contributions to pulsed fiber lasers, in particular all-fiber ring laser architectures, and of his pioneering efforts aimed at developing, promoting and commercializing this technology in Portugal – and later in international markets.
2008 Kent D. Choquette For development of the monolithic selectively oxidized vertical cavity surface emitting laser.
Andreas Umbach
Gunter Unterborsch
Dirk Trommer
For the research, development and fabrication of advanced ultra-high speed photodetectors.
John H. Marsh
A.Catrina Bryce
For extensive development and commercialization of quantum well intermixing for photonic devices.
Chung-En Zah
Rajaram Bhat
For pioneering work on the AlGaInAs/InP strained quantum well lasers for uncooled applications.
2004 Marina M. Meliga For pioneering work on the development of semiconductor lasers and for the design and development of uncooled DFB lasers for datacom applications.
2003 Dennis Deppe For sustained contributions and innovations in the area of oxide confined and quantum dot vertical cavity surface emitting lasers.
2002 Timothy Day For contributions to the development and commercialization of external cavity tunable diode lasers for telecommunications, spectroscopy, metrology, and biotechnology.
Pallab Bhattacharya
Sethumadhavan Chandrasekhar
Leda Lunardi
For design and development of high-performance 1.55um opto-electronic integrated photoreceivers.
1999 Frederick Kish, Jr. For seminal contributions to high performance light-emitting diode technology and production.
1998 David F. Welch For the design, development and commercialization of high power diffraction limited semiconductor lasers.
Corrado Dragone
Meint K. Smit
For the conception, design, and reduction to practice of novel optical waveguide array devices, and their application to WDM networks.
Isamu Akasaki
Hiroshi Amano
Shuji Nakamura
For the technology breakthrough of making p-type gallium nitride, demonstrating very bright blue light emitting diodes, and developing a commercial LED product which is expected to have major impact in the display and other optoelectronic industries.
P. Daniel Dapkus
Russell D. Dupuis
For pioneering work on the engineering of MOCVD technology for semiconductor lasers.
1994 Donald R. Scifres For the development and commercialization of high power semiconductor lasers and their applications.
Won T. Tsang
Hauro Tanaka
For the development and manufacturing of AlGaAs diode lasers for compact disc applications by MBE.
1992 Peter K. Runge For key contributions to the development of undersea lightwave systems.
1991 Michiharu Nakamura For pioneering work and commercialization of high-performance narrow-linewidth semiconductor lasers for optical communications.