Tyndall Award Nomination Requirements

Nominators must complete a nominee submission by August 10th  with the following: 

  • Candidate contact information: Name, Affiliation, Mailing Address, Email, Phone Number
  • Academic Background: College or University / Location / Major Field / Degree / Year
  • Academic Honors: List of candidate's highest honors, include IEEE and non-IEEE recognitions
  • Employment Background: Limit of four (4)
  • Accomplishments: Maximum of eight (8) relevant to nomination.  Include: Name of item, date published, name of publication or event, patent number
  • Proposed Award Citation: (Word Count: 25)
  • Nominee’s curriculum vita (Maximum of three pages)
  • Endorsements: Three letters of endorsement are required.  You may enter the endorsers name and email to send an automatically generated email request, or if you have received the endorsement, you can upload directly to the system. (One page limit per endorsement) 


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Nomination Requirements

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