Laser Instrumentation Award

The IEEE Photonics Society Laser Instrumentation Award is given to recognize key contributors to the field for developments of laser-based and electro-optical instruments, which lead to the development of innovative systems enabling major new measurements or process capabilities of relevance to applications in industrial, biomedical avionic and metrology fields.

The field(s) to be considered are: classical and Self-Mixing Laser Interferometry, Optical Coherence Tomography, Digital Holography, Diffraction and Interference-based Measuring Devices like Particle Size Analyzers, Laser Interferometers, Optical Gyroscopes, and Laser Doppler Velocimeters, Measurements of distance and kinematic quantities, realized in either bulk-optics or integrated optics technologies. Measurements for the sole characterization of optical devices or fibers are not eligible.

The award may be given to an individual or group, up to three in number. Previous winners of major IEEE Medals or Field Awards for the same work are not eligible; in the case of a group award, at least one candidate must not have received a major IEEE Award for the same work. Must be an active IEEE / Photonics Society member.

The Award consists of an honorarium of $1000 and a Certificate. The presentation is made at the IEEE Photonics Conference.

2020 Honoree


Juergen Czarske

For pioneering and sustained contributions to laser Doppler velocimetry, distance and kinematic instruments, and digital holographic sensing.



Juergen Czarske is Director and Full Professor at TU Dresden. Prof Czarske earned Diploma and Ph.D degrees from the University of Leibniz in Hanover, where he was also promoted to professor (venia legendi). For nine years he was based at the laser center LZH and conducted short-term missions in Japan and the USA. Since 2004 he is C4 professor at TU Dresden, where he concentrates his efforts towards paradigm shifts in computational laser metrology. Exploiting the digital transition, novel laser instruments are being developed and applied in various fields, including technical areas, biomedicine and fiber optic communication.

Prof. Czarske is Fellow of OSA, EOS, SPIE, senior member of IEEE, and an elected member of Saxon Academy of Sciences, the Scientific Society for Laser Technology, member of board of German Society of Applied Optics and of German Association of Laser Anemometry. He has published over 200 journal articles, has over 20 patents and has delivered over 100 invited lectures. His awards include the 1996 AHMT Measurement Technique Prize, a 2008 Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize, a 2014 Reinhart Koselleck Project of German Research Foundation and the 2019 Joseph Fraunhofer Award and Robert M. Burley Prize of The Optical Society (OSA).




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