William Streifer Scientific Achievement Award Winners

YearAward WinnerCitation
2021 Paras N. Prasad For pioneering contributions in multiphoton processes in molecular materials and developing technologies that advance biophotonics for multiphoton imaging and therapy.
2020 Peter J. Delfyett, Jr. For pioneering contributions to semiconductor diode based ultrafast laser science and technology.
2019 Bahram Javidi For transformative innovations on automated disease identification using field portable optical-imaging based bio-photonics sensors.
2018 Roland Ryf For contributions to the understanding and development of Space-Division Multiplexing in optical fibers.
2017 Nader Engheta For development of, and pioneering contributions to extreme-parameter metamaterials in optics and photonics.
2016 Ming C. Wu For pioneering contributions in micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS).
2015 Vladimir Shalaev For seminal contributions both to the theoretical framework and to the ground-breaking experimental realization of optical metamaterials.
2014 Gadi Eisenstein For fundamental contributions to the dynamical properties of semiconductor lasers and amplifiers.
2013 Curtis R. Menyuk For seminal advances in the fundamental understanding and mitigation of polarization effects in high-performance optical fiber communication systems.
2012 Qing Hu For pioneering contribution in the development of high-temperature, high-power, and broadly tunable THz QCLs, and applications in imaging and sensing.
2011 Xi-Cheng Zhang For exceptional contribution of terahertz (THz) air photonics, especially free-space coherent detection of ultra-broadband THz waves.
2010 Dieter Bimberg
For demonstration of quantum dot lasers and pioneering contributions to semiconductor nanophotonics.
2009 Christopher Doerr For pioneering research on highly functional integrated optical circuits based on arrayed waveguide grating routers and their implementation in advanced optical networks.
2008 Fumio Koyama For contributions to vertical cavity surface emitting semiconductor lasers and dynamic single-mode semiconductor laser.
2007 Shun-Lien Chuang For contributions to the development of the fundamental theories of strained quantum-well lasers and the physics of optoelectronics devices.
William H. Steier
Larry R. Dalton
Harold Fetterman
For seminal contributions to the advancement of polymer photonic devices and materials.
2005 Emmanuel Desurvire For pioneering contributions to the physical and theoretical understanding of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and their early device development.
2004 Yasuhiko Arakawa For pioneering contributions to quantum confinement effects in semiconductor lasers and the development of quantum dot lasers.
2003 Connie Chang-Hasnain For pioneering contributions to vertical cavity surface emitting lasers and VCSEL arrays for wavelength-division-multiplexing applications.
2002 James Fujimoto For pioneering contributions to optical coherence tomography.
Joe C. Campbell
Stephen R. Forrest
For contributions to the development of high-speed, low-noise long-wavelength avalanche and p-i-n photodiodes.
2000 James J. Coleman For pioneering research in high reliability strained layer semiconductor lasers.
Jonathan Heritage
Andrew Weiner
For pioneering contributions to femtosecond optical pulse shaping technology and its applications.
Federico Capasso
Jerome Faist
For the design, demonstration, and pioneering development of the quantum cascade laser which is revolutionizing the field of mid-infrared semiconductor lasers.
1997 Peter F. Moulton For the invention of the titanium sapphire tunable infrared laser which opened a new era of solid state ultrafast lasers.
John E. Bowers
Kam Y. Lau
For significant contributions to the understanding and design of high speed semiconductor lasers.
Stuart Searles
Charles Brau
George Hart
James Ewing
For the demonstration and development of excimer lasers.
Martin A. Pollack
Robert E. Nahory
For pioneering work in III-V compound semiconductor materials and optoelectronic integrated circuits.
1993 Eli Yablonovitch For contributions to optoelectronics including the physics of strained layer lasers and photonic applications of low dimensional structures.
1992 Kenichi Iga For pioneering research in vertical-cavity surface-emitting injection lasers.
Thomas L. Koch
Uziel Koren
For pioneering and innovative contributions to photonic integrated circuits.