Young Investigator Award Winners

YearAward WinnerDescription
2022 Deep Jariwala For breakthrough advances in optical characterization and understanding of light-matter coupling in excitonic and strongly-correlated semiconductors.
2021 Xi (Vivian) Chen For outstanding contributions to high-speed and high-capacity fiber-optic communications.
2020 Mikhail Kats For contributions in the fields of nanophotonics and optical materials, especially for metasurfaces, optics with phase-transition materials, and thermal-emission engineering.
2019 Junjie Yao For pioneering novel photo-acoustic imaging that allows probing living tissue functions at unprecedented accuracy, sensitivity, and speed.
2018 Yu Shrike Zhang For pioneering contributions in applying biophotonics to characterization of engineered tissue constructs.
2017 Hannah Joyce For significant contributions to nanowire optoelectronics and terhertz spectroscopy.
2016 Igor Aharonovich For contribution to the development of single photon emitters in wide bandgap materials.
2015 Jeremy N. Munday For pioneering contributions to plasmonic and photonic light-trapping in solar cells.
2014 Ertugrul Cubukcu For contributions to photonics beyond the diffraction limit with nanoantenna-based devices and sensors.
2013 Alexandra Boltasseva For seminal contributions to the development of metal-dielectric waveguides for integrated optics and novel approaches for realization of nanoplasmonic devices.
2012 William Green For contributions in CMOS integrable, highly scaled, Silicon Nano-Photonics, and pioneering Silicon Photonics for mid-infrared applications and non-linear-optics.
2011 Hatice Altug For contributions on nanoplasmonics and integrated nanofluidics for biological sensing and spectroscopy.
2010 Sander Lars Jansen For pioneering contributions in optical OFDM for fiber-optic transmission systems.
2009 Aydogan Ozcan For his pioneering contributions to non-destructive non-linear material characterization techniques, near-field and on-chip imaging and diagnostic systems.
2008 Jose Azana For pioneer contributions on innovative ultra-fast optical pulse processing techniques, particularly temporal self-imaging (Talbot) effects, using all-fiber grating technologies.
2007 Randy Bartels For pioneering contributions to ultrafast molecular photonics and photonic reagent control of quantum systems on an unprecedented time-scale.