Chapter Resources

Chapter Formation Policies and Petitions
To form a new Society chapter, a petition, signed by no less than twelve (12) IEEE members, above Student grade who are also members of the Society, must be submitted for approval. In order to start a Student Chapter, a petition will need to be signed by no less than six (6) IEEE student members, who are also members of the Society, and an Advisor. The Advisor must be a professional member of the IEEE. Society is not required, but encouraged. 

Changes to chapter officer information needs to be submitted to both IEEE and IPS. Please report changes to IEEE via the vTools OfficerReporting Tool and access to the tool requires use of an IEEE Account. To report officer changes to IEEE Photonics Society, please email

IEEE Chapter Report (L-31 Form)

The IEEE requires that the chapters submit the L-31 report form as the permanent records of the Section Secretary. A minimum of two reports per year are required for the chapter to remain active.

Other Resources for Chapter Chairs:
  • Extensive institute-wide resources for volunteers involved with chapters.
  • IEEE OU Analytics is the visual business intelligence tool for volunteer access to memebr data.
  • WebEx is a web conferencing tool designed for real time online meetings, webinars, training, demos and presentations.
  • The Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) offers a ‘one stop’ training solution designed to serve the multiple and diverse range of IEEE user communities. From volunteers, non-volunteers to students, members, and conference organizers, the site offers a simpler and effective learning experience. 
  • Logos and Templates for use with your chapter related promotions and websites.

Naresh Chand
Associate Vice President of Chapter Relations
Dr. Naresh Chand