IEEE Women in Photonics

IEEE Photonic Society’s IEEE Women in Photonics initiative was created to promote activities that support the participation, engagement and advancement of women in the photonics and optics community. The Society organizes various professional development and technical events, such as tech talks, soft skill seminars, summer schools, networking mixers, K-12 outreach, chapter workshops, meet-ups and online webXs, at conferences and at the grassroots, chapter level.

The IEEE Women in Photonics initiative also works in partnership with IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE), the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. Together the IEEE hopes to inspire girls and women around the world to follow their academic interests.                            

The IEEE Photonics Society recognizes that diversity and inclusion are essential to innovation. The IEEE Women in Photonics initiative seeks to diversify the range of individuals and perspectives building the technology and information of tomorrow.


Strategic Goals of IEEE Women in Photonics Initiative:

Involvement in the IEEE Women in Photonics initiative is open to anyone in the photonics and optics field. The initiative is looking for ambitious women who would like to advance their careers or obtain leadership positions within the photonics community. We also welcome and encourage mentors and others who want to help advance the future of women in photonics. The stories of successful women in leadership roles can serve as inspiration, motivation and a model for others to follow.    

  • Increase the participation and engagement of women in the optics and photonics community.
  • Inspire and support the next generation of women in photonics.
  • Encourage gender balance within the Society's boards and committees.
  • Create new volunteer opportunities for women within the Society.
  • Organize Women in Photonics events that promote inclusive networking.
  • Develop educational materials, mentorship programs and training resources for women.                               
Benefits of Joining the IEEE Women in Photonics Initiative:
  • Networking opportunities
  • Regional events
  • Access to educational resources and grants
  • Volunteer opportunities and leadership roles
  • Quarterly newsletter  

Deepa Venkitesh
Associate Vice President of Women in Photonics
Dr. Deepa Venkitesh 
Indian Institute of Technology Madras