Conference Council

It is the responsibility of the Conference Council to regularly review the Society's meetings portfolio with the aim of identifying and resolving current issues and challenges as well as to make suggestions for new meetings when appropriate. The Conference Council is also responsible for reviewing and approving requests for technical co-sponsorship, Chairs and Representatives for selected conferences, and location and venue selections for the IEEE Photonics Conference.

The Vice President of Conferences chairs the Council and appoints members as necessary. The voting membership of the Council includes the Chair, Vice President Technical Affairs, Chair of the Topical Meeting, and three members appointed by the Vice President (Conferences) selected to reflect the breadth of technical interests of the Society.

Conference Council Chair

Perry Ping Shum portrait
Perry Ping Shum
Conference Council Chair
Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

Conference Council Member

Gilberto  Brambilla portrait
Gilberto Brambilla
Conference Council Member
Optoelectronics Research Centre
General Manager of the Future Photonics Hub
Michael  Brodsky  portrait
Michael Brodsky
Conference Council Member
US Army Research Laboratory
Jiajia Chen portrait
Jiajia Chen
Conference Council Member
Christina Lim portrait
Christina Lim
Conference Council Member
University of Melbourne
Carmen Menoni portrait
Carmen Menoni
Conference Council Member
Colorado State University
Leif  Oxenlowe portrait
Leif Oxenlowe
Conference Council Member
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Lei Su portrait
Lei Su
Conference Council Member
Queen Mary University of London

Conference Council Staff Support

Customer Relationship Manager
Alicia Zupeck


Sr. Conference Administrator
Cheryl  C. Scott

Executive Director
Doug Razzano