Emerging Technologies Task Force

The IEEE Photonics Society Emerging Technologies Task Force (ETT) is responsible for: identifying, describing, and nurturing new technology directions; recommending new programs that focus on leading technologies and frontline issues in photonics, and promoting technical activities in support of both academia and industry. Within the Society's leadership structure, the ETT reports to the Professional & Technical Development Council, with its Chair serving that respective Council as a voting member.

Strategic Objectives
  • Nurture emerging technologies that help position the Society's scientific and technical relevance for the long-term, and ensure that it continues to engage constructively with issues of major societal importance;
  • Identify technological overlaps within the Society's areas of interest that encourage collaboration with multiple IEEE societies, and new initiatives under IEEE Future Directions;
  • Influence special focus areas within conference series to highlight and accelerate development of the domain;
  • Identify topics for special issues within Society’s journals, as well as support Special Symposia, Tech Forums, and Focus Sessions on forward-facing topics.

Emerging Technologies Task Force Chair

Ampalavanapillai "Thas" Nirmalathas
Emerging Technologies Task Force Chair
University of Melbourne, Australia