Pre-University Outreach Resources

To inspire young minds to cultivate interests in light-based sciences, the IEEE Photonics Society dedicates resources and organizes various educational events towards STEM Outreach each year. 

Volunteers are encouraged to coordinate activities worldwide to show pre-university students and educators how photonics impacts the daily lives of all around the world. Light is a fascinating and familiar topic for young kids and a goal of the IEEE Photonics Society is to demonstrate how a photonics and optics career can be made part of their future.


How to Get Involved: 

The IEEE Photonics Society is encouraging its volunteers, chapters, educators, community partners, and affiliate universities or companies to participate by holding small events, hands-on activities or classroom presentations in their local communities. Activity examples: bring a child to work for the day; organize an event with an after-school program; and volunteer to give a presentation in an inclusive pre-university school classroom, i.e. elementary, middle school and high-school. 

To volunteer for an upcoming STEM Outreach campaign or classroom visit, email

FUSE: “Family Ultimate Science Exploration"

Family Ultimate Science Exploration (FUSE), led by UC Santa Barbara's Center for Science and Engineering partnership, formed a program for underrepresented students and their families to gain familiarity with the practice of science, its importance in education, and its promise of exciting career options, especially in the field of light.

FUSE offers evening events, where 8th grade students and their families rotate in 30-minute sessions, through 3 distinct science activities related to physics, chemistry and biology. UCSB science and engineering students, both undergraduate and graduate, along with SBCC students, lead the hands-on activities.  As part of the program, volunteers spend time introducing themselves, and talking briefly about their current studies and personal interests. 

Support for the FUSE project comes from the Energy Partners Fund.  The Energy Partners Fund provides resources for STEM education in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Counties. Below are the various FUSE activity resources: 

Other STEM Outreach Resources

Training Modules for Teachers:

IEEE Educational Activities, a partner in the National Academy of Engineering’s Engineering Equity Extension Service (EEES), has developed three learning modules to provide assistance and support for IEEE members interested in outreach activities to the pre-university community.