Professional Advancement Committee

The IEEE Photonics Society's Board of Governors established the Professional Advancement Committee to better develop and implement volunteer engagement efforts as well as ensure the advancement of professional members in the IEEE. This includes (but it not limited to):

  • Building and maintaining a pipeline of inclusive Senior and Fellow classes;
  • Supporting elevations and nominations of active members to editorial boards and conference committees;
  • Evaluating award nomination strategies and approaches to better reach global members;
  • Supporting the participation of professionals on parent IEEE-boards.

Within the Society's leadership structure, the Professional Advancement Committee reports to the Professional & Technical Development Council. The Chair of this Committee serves that respective Council as a voting member. 

Professional Advancement ChairClick for role description

Benjamin Eggleton portrait
Benjamin Eggleton
Professional Advancement Chair Term: 2021 - 2021
University of Sydney

AVP of Member Development Click for role description

Demetris  Geddis portrait
Demetris Geddis
AVP of Member Development Term: 2021 - 2023
Hampton University