Online Learning Resources

Never stop learning. Webinars and online learning are the ideal way to grow your expertise and continue your career development at your convenience. The IEEE and IEEE Photonics Society offer a variety of online resources for members and non-members in the photonics and optics community. 

IEEE Learning Network 

The IEEE Learning Network (ILN) is an online platform designed for the discovery of continuing education across IEEE. ILN provides you the ability to search through IEEE’s hundreds of educational offerings and earn digital certificates. IEEE Photonics Society members are encouraged to utilize this continuing education resource.

All course material on ILN is available online. The courses vary in length, including 1 hour, full day, and multi-module course programs. Both free (with IEEE membership and/or Society membership) and paid content available. 

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IEEE eLearning Library

The IEEE eLearning Library offers high-quality, peer-reviewed online courses in relevant topics. The Library delivers hundreds of course hours in core and emerging technologies, providing professionals, faculty, and students across academic institutions, corporations, and government agencies a better way to learn.

Researchers can use the IEEE eLearning Library to easily stay up-to-date on the latest developments in related technologies, creating greater synergy with other product and R&D teams and enabling teams to take advantage of greater market opportunities. These courses have been developed by recognized experts in a wide range of engineering and research technologies

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Young Professionals Advisory Committee (YPAC): On-Demand Resources

Below are recent online sessions organized or supported by the Society's Young Professionals Advisory Committee and its initiatives. 

 Title  Presenter  Content Access
 Mental Health for Scientists: Challenges in Isolation  Wendy Ingram  View Here
 The Future of Optical Microscopy/Imaging  Amanada Wright  View Here
 R10 Young Professionals Interview  Deepak Mathur  View Here


IEEE Photonics Society Webinars

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 Full Abstract

  Switching Technologies for Spatially & Spectrally Flexible Optical Networks

 Dan M. Marom

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  Advances in Nonlinear & Quantum Photonics Using Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators

 Yanne K. Chembo

 View Here

  Portable Optical Diagnostics for Early Malaria Detection

 Andrea Armani 

 View Here

  Transporting Data on the Orbital Angular Momentum of Light

 Leslie A. Rusch 

 View Here

  Reflections on Opening New Telecommunication Windows

 Fatima Gunning 

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  Optical Wireless Communication

 Ton Koonen 

 View Here

  Risk Management for Photonic Startups...and Life

 Daniel Renner

 View Here

  Confessions of an Entrepreneur: 30 Years of Photonics Start-ups

 Simon Poole

 View Here

  Mobile Microscopy, Sensing & Diagnostics through Computational Photonics

 Aydogan Ozcan

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