Technical Recordings

The IEEE Photonics Society remains committed to serving and supporting the photonics and optics community. Our leaders are constantly reviewing our products and services in an effort to deploy as many virtual solutions to our members globally. Below are examples of the current technical recordings available.  

Distinguished Lecturer Recordings

The IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer Program was designed to honor excellent speakers who have made technical, industrial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field of photonics and to enhance the technical programs of the IEEE Photonics Society Chapters. 



 Developing Spectrally Efficient Photonic Systems Using Optical Frequency Combs

 Liam Barry

  Illuminating materials:  The materials science of light emitting diodes

 Rachel Oliver
  Nitrides for quantum light sources  Rachel Oliver

Research Highlight Recordings

Each issue of the IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter offers a Research Highlight article, designed to showcase exciting new research and trends within the broad fields of photonics and optics. Due to its popularity, our Society is offering a series of Research Highlight Recordings, i.e. presentations given directly by the authors on their specific findings and articles, to the photonics community-at-large.  




 TeraFETs for Terahertz Communications

 Michael Shur

 View Here

 Field Programmable Photonic Gate Arrays

 José Capmany Francoy

 View Here


Chapter Seminar Series

Our chapters provide IEEE Photonics Society members with valuable opportunities to network - promoting professional growth and continuing education within the photonics community. Many chapters are now deploying virtual learning solutions to reach displaced students and members. 



 Basics to Quantum Mechanics (BSc Courses)

 Ajoy Ghatak

 How to Plan an Outreach Activity

 Natalia Cañas Estrada