Best Student Paper and Student Poster Session at the IEEE Photonics Conference 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the Best Student Paper and Student Poster Session Competitions at the 2017 IEEE Photonics Conference!


Best Student Poster Winners:

First Place: Mohammad Taghinejad “All Optical Modulation of Ultrasharp Lattice Plasmons”

2nd Place: H. Esat Kondakci “Diffraction-Free Space-time Pulsed Light Sheets with Arbitrary Beam Profile”

3rd Place: Madeh Batarseh “Transfer of Complex Spatial Coherence Function in Reflection from inhomegeneous Scattering Media”


Best Student Paper Winners:

First Place: Justin Norman, UC Santa Barbara, USA  “Low Threshold Epitaxial InAs Quantum Dot Lasers on On-Axis GaP/Si (001)”

Second Place: Ewa Simpanen, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden “1060 nm single and multimode VCSELs for up to 50 Gb/s modulation”

Finalist: Tabassom Hamidfar, Concordia University, Québec “Surface Nanoscale Axial Photonics (SNAP) at the Silica Microcapillary with Ultrathin Wall”

Finalist: Ali K. Jahromi, University of Central Florida, USA “Spectral Response of an Active Photonic Cavity at the Poynting’s Threshold”

Finalist: Xianbo Li, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong  “A 2.2-mW 24-Mb/s CMOS LiFi Receiver System-on-a-Chip with Ambient Light Rejection and Post-Equalization”