IEEE Photonics Society Brings “Wonders of Light” STEM Demonstrations to 2017 POCO and Sections Congress

The IEEE Photonics Society hosted a variety of interactive STEM outreach demonstrations in Sydney, Australia at IEEE Panel of Conference Organizers (POCO) and at the Technical Activities lounge at IEEE Sections Congress. The demonstration area had a constant flow of visitors, with local IEEE Photonics Society volunteers available alongside IEEE Photonics Society staff to explain the various light-based science demonstrations including fiber optics, holograms, solar energy, color, lenses, and lasers. 

 "As a volunteer, it was a great opportunity for me to be a part of Sections Congress and POCO, to meet some great people, and share knowledge which I would not be able to do in a normal situation,” said Shreya Singh of Macquarie University, New South Wales, Australia. “I learned a lot. The cherry on the cake was it was so fun working with the Photonics Society getting to showcase uber cool STEM outreach demonstrations such as the PepperGram, the light kit and so many other things. I’m looking forward to next Sections Congress and being a part of it."

Through the IEEE Photonics Society Fund, the Society provides these STEM outreach kits for free to volunteers who coordinate activities in their region to show pre-university students and educators how photonic technologies impact daily lives all around the world. Both demonstrations at POCO and Sections Congress exemplified excellent micro-volunteering opportunities for IEEE Members and promoting the "One IEEE" spirit of working together with multiple operating units.

To inquire how you can receive FREE STEM Kits, please contact Lauren Mecum,

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