Implementing the National Photonics Agenda

A timely update from Ewit Roos

PhotonDelta is an EU-wide initiative with a strong Dutch accent. The clear goal is to accelerate wider use of photonic technologies across Europe between now and 2030. That will require volume manufacture of products for this continent to remain a global player in an era of Zettabyte communications and 50 billion IoT devices.

On Monday November 13th 2017, PhotonDelta MD Ewit Roos presented the latest findings at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. He explained the Netherlands international position in photonics and described the opportunities for a Dutch national photonics agenda.

 2017 11 17 national photonics agenda“We plan to maintain and grow Europe’s lead on the rest of the world by connecting and amplifying existing initiatives as well as kick-starting new ones” explains Ewit. “So, we operate as a catalyst to connect scalable initiatives with relevant research and industry organisations as well as various government initiatives.”

With the chip industry based around NXP in Nijmegen and the pioneering R & D work going on in the technical universities in Eindhoven and Enschede, high-tech means a lot to several local economies. By enhancing and stimulating cooperation, the provinces want to increase their market share.

“We need to do three things: Expand research, increase investment, and cooperate more at a European level to avoid expensive duplication of effort. We estimate that over the next decade around € 500 million will be needed from both government and industry to grow the knowledge base in the Netherlands and maintain a leading position in the photonics- industry. Let me explain why that is needed”. The goal is to combine the entrepreneurial spirit of young companies with the wisdom of large enterprise. Our efforts are designed to complement efforts that are already being made, as well as tapping into new funding and research resources that have not yet been explored. Because no-one wants another layer of bureaucracy!


The end of Moore’s Law is approaching

“In June 2017 PhotonDelta organised the World Technology Mapping Forum together with AIM Photonics Academy based at MIT in Boston.”

“Over 170 scientists, researchers, government representatives and high-tech industry experts concluded that the demand for photonics components and technology is growing exponentially in sectors such as telecom and life sciences. As we reach the economic end of “Moore’s Law”, particles of light (photons) rather than electrons will be the engine driving many break-through applications.”

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