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The IEEE Photonics Society’s specialized technical journals cover the full spectrum of photonics topics and are designed to provide timely publication of the highest quality original research. Stay current in your technical specialty by reviewing the latest journal issues online, submitting your own research paper for peer review or applying to be a reviewer. IEEE Photonics Society members receive online access to Society journals.

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IEEE Photonics Journal

The Society’s online-only open-access journal provides rapid publication of top quality peer-reviewed papers at the forefront of photonics research.

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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters

Published biweekly to provide rapid publication of significant original research contributions in photonics, lightwave components, laser physics and laser/electro-optic technology, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters cover advances in the theory, design, fabrication, application, performance, packaging and reliability of lasers, optical devices, fiber-optics and waveguide technologies and quantum electronic devices.

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IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics

Dedicated to the publication of research reporting novel, theoretical or experimental results in the field of quantum electronics, the Journal of Quantum Electronics is published monthly to address new developments or phenomena that impact continuing research or advance the technological base of quantum electronics.


IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics

Published six times a year to address original theoretical and/or experimental research results that advance the scientific and technological base of quantum electronics, each issue of the Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics is devoted to a specific topic within the quantum electronics field. Tutorial and review papers are by invitation only.


IEEE/Optica Publishing Group Journal of Lightwave Technology

Dedicated to covering original, theoretical and/or experimental work that advances the technology base of guided-wave science, the IEEE/Optica Publishing Group Journal of Lightwave Technology is published semimonthly by seven IEEE Societies and Optica. Topics include: fiber and cable technologies, active and passive guided-wave componentry, integrated optics/optoelectronics, as well as new applications and field trials.


IEEE/Optica Publishing Group Journal of Optical Communications & Networking

Published monthly by the IEEE Photonics Society, IEEE Communications Society and Optica, the IEEE/Optica Publishing Group Journal of Optical Communications & Networking covers advances in both theoretical contributions to state-of-theart optical communications and networking as well as practical applications in a broad range of optical networking technologies.


IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering (TQE)

IEEE/Transactions on Quantum Engineering

Publishes regular, review, and tutorial articles based on the engineering applications of quantum phenomena, including quantum computation, information, communication, software, hardware, devices, and metrology. Articles also address quantum-engineering aspects of superconductivity, magnetics, microwave techniques, photonics, and signal processing.


IEEE/Optica Publishing Group Journal of Display Technology

Published quarterly by seven IEEE Societies and Optica, the Journal of Display Technology is an archival journal dedicated to the timely dissemination of new research in display technologies from basic science and engineering of display devices to display materials, components, drivers and interfaces, as well as lighting technology and applications.