Journal of Display Technology (JDT)

The IEEE/Optica Publishing Group Journal of Display Technology (JDT) is jointly sponsored by seven IEEE Societies and Optica. It is an archival journal devoted to the dissemination of new results and discussions in all aspects of display technologies, from understanding the basic science and engineering of devices, to device design and fabrication, to system design, applications, and human-factors topics. Papers cover all areas of display technology including: display systems and engineering, materials and components, optical design, lighting technologies, display drivers and interfaces, display packaging, manufacturing technology, reliability and testing, and applications.

The IEEE/Optica Publishing Group Journal of Display Technology has cease publication with its October-December 2016 issue. The publication will continue to be accessible to readers on the IEEE Xplore platform through subscriptions. This publication has a 1.925 Impact Factor, as reported in the 2015 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports, and published papers will continue to accumulate citations and impact the display science area. IEEE has a number of highly-cited journals which are accepting papers which cover appropriate segments of J-DT's focus area. 

Interested authors should consider submitting to the IEEE Photonics Journal.

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Impact Factor: 1.925

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