Journal of Quantum Electronics (JQE)

The IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics is dedicated to the publication of manuscripts reporting novel experimental or theoretical results. Published bi-monthly by the IEEE Photonics Society, in both electronic and print form, the journal comprises original contributions describing significant advances in the understanding of quantum electronics phenomena or the demonstration of new devices, systems, or applications. Manuscripts reporting new developments in systems and applications must emphasize quantum electronics principles or devices: the interaction of electrons and photons where quantum and/or nonlinear optical principles hold sway. The scope of JQE encompasses the generation, propagation, detection, and application of coherent electromagnetic radiation having wavelengths below one millimeter (i.e., in the submillimeter, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, etc., regions). Whether the focus of a manuscript is a quantum electronic phenomenon, device, system, or application, the critical factor in the editorial review is the potential impact of the results on continuing research in the field or on advancing the technological base of quantum electronics. The overriding consideration is significant, but the clarity of the presentation is also important.

It is not sufficient for a paper to be merely technically correct. Papers that report improvements in the performance of well-known systems or devices or by clever electronics or mechanical engineering do not fall within the scope of JQE. Tutorial and review papers are by invitation only. If a manuscript is outside of the scope of JQE or other Photonics Society publications, it may be suitable for another IEEE Journal.




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