Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (JSTQE)

The IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics published six times a year. Published papers fall within the broad field of science and technology of quantum electronics of either a device, subsystem, or system-oriented nature. Each issue is devoted to a specific topic within this broad spectrum. Manuscripts are published that report original theoretical and/or experimental research results that advance the scientific and technological base of quantum electronics devices, systems, or applications. The Journal is dedicated to publishing research results that advance the state of the art or add to the understanding of the generation, amplification, modulation, detection, waveguiding, or propagation characteristics of coherent electromagnetic radiation having submillimeter and shorter wavelengths. In order to be suitable for publication in this Journal, the content of manuscripts concerned with subject-related research must have a potential impact on advancing the technological base of quantum electronic devices, systems, and/or applications. Potential authors of subject-related research have the responsibility of pointing out this potential impact. System-oriented manuscripts must be concerned with systems that perform a function previously unavailable or that outperform previously established systems that did not use quantum electronic components or concepts. Tutorial and review papers are by invitation only.



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