Publications Council

The Photonics Society Publications Council oversees the Society's full publications portfiio and recommends to the Board of Governors actions appropriate for the maintenence of high quality, timeliness, and coverage of the Society's Field of Interest.

The Council is chaired by the Vice President of Publications and includes at least one former Editor in Chief and at least one former or current elected member of the Board of Governors. A complete roster is below.

Publications Council Chair

Aaron Hawkins portrait
Aaron Hawkins
Publications Council Chair
Brigham Young University

Publications Council Member

Juliet Gopinath portrait
Juliet Gopinath
Publications Council Member
University of Colorado at Boulder
Daniel Mittleman portrait
Daniel Mittleman
Publications Council Member
Brown University
Anna Peacock portrait
Anna Peacock
Publications Council Member
University of Southhampton
Naser Qureshi portrait
Naser Qureshi
Publications Council Member
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
David Sampson portrait
David Sampson
Publications Council Member
The University of Western Australia

Publications Council Staff Support

Associate Executive Director
Douglas M. Razzano