Commitment to Diversity

The IEEE Photonics Society's leadership and volunteers are committed to creating opportunities to support the participation, engagement and advancement for all in the photonics and optics community. The IEEE Photonics Society believes that gender balance and equality issues within the field are community issues as well as culture issues and the Society dedicated to taking vital steps to actively showcase how such diversity is essential to innovation. 

In turn, the Society's Board of Govenors passed a "Commitment to Diversity" statement, as follows:

The IEEE Photonics Society is committed to providing equal opportunity to scientists and engineers, regardless of ethnicity, race, nationality, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, and/or personal identity. Our policy is to continually improve our practices in order to build and maintain an environment that reflects the rich diversity of the photonics and optics scientific community.

Diversity Oversight Committee 

A committee was formed to ensure that the global diversity of the community in which the Society serves is represented in all aspects of organization and that our Society leaders are addressing diversity needs and/or concerns appropriately.

Commitee Members

AVP of Diversity
Arti Agrawal, University of Technology Sydney 
24 agrawal arti
AVP of Women in Photonics
Lidia Galdino, University College London


AVP of Multicultural Outreach 
Fatima Garcia-Gunning, Tyndall National Institute 
AVP of Young Professionals 
Stanley Ikpe, NASA Langley 
0 ikpe stanley
Board Member
Nicolas Fontaine, Nokia Bell Labs
85 fontaine nicolas
Board Member 
Meredith Hutchinson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory 
26 hutchinson meredith
Student Representative 
Niamh Kavangh, University College Cork 
Niamh K